Teacher Training Programme

touchNationwide Teachers' Training Programme

The demand for Turbo Touch in schools continues as the sport develops throughout NZ.  Teachers have adopted the game not only to increase fundamental big ball skills, communication & all round fun with PE but also as a leadership course for students due to the simplicity of the game & minimum rules.

Turbo Touch is an easy game for students of all ages to learn.  It fully involves boys and girls as both genders are equal in their ability to score a Touchdown.  Turbo Touch gives so many opportunities to build teamwork & fully engages all 5 players on the court.  It can be played indoors or outdoors on netball or basketball sized court, AstroTurf or field – even the beach.

What Turbo Touch has to offer teachers and students:
There are three ways your teachers, school or students can take advantage of Turbo Touch

Teachers & Sports Leaders Training Programme (Professional Development)

This 45 minute to 1 hour session is designed to teach the basics of Turbo Touch with a 5 minute introduction, practical session whereby the participants play the game followed by an overview of the rules.  Attendees will be certified as having achieved the Introduction to Turbo Touch Workshop. Cost to deliver is $50 per session + travel costs if applicable. Also applicable for students studying Turbo Touch for NCEA levels 1, 2 or 3.

Student Training Programme

Involves our trainers delivering Turbo Touch directly to the students during school time.  Teachers training can be incorporated to ensure delivery can be carried out when we leave. Check with your Regional Sports Trust or local school sports cluster group to identify local funding avenues to allow trainers to come to your school free-of-charge.

After School Programme or Turbo Touch Competition

Turbo Touch has now been delivered to over 50,000 children in NZ schools. As part of the pathways Touch NZ is now offering Afterschool Programmes & / or Turbo Touch competitions which can be run at your school or at a local venue.

Introduce Turbo Touch to your school today.

If you are interested in any of the above options please contact:
Georgia Hoddle 
Phone: 022 180 0228
Email: georgia@touchnz.co.nz